Power Washing Delaware
Power Washing Delaware

Pressure Washing Delaware One Property at a Time

Ortiz Pro Wash provides residential and commercial pressure washing services throughout the state of Delaware and surrounding areas. We have exceptional customer service and the expertise needed to offer high-quality power washing services to your home or business.

We ensure that homeowners and commercial property owners are 100% satisfied with their service each and every time. Our team of pressure washers has professional experience in power washing techniques and equipment, allowing us to deliver satisfactory cleaning services.

At Ortiz Pro Wash, we understand that no two homes or businesses are the same. As such, we handle each customer and each property in a customized way, ensuring that we meet your power cleaning needs. For a free quote, Delaware customers should contact us at (302) 228-6599.

Customer Reviews

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Why Choose Us?

Power Washing Delaware
Power Washing Delaware

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

We’ll only leave your home or business premises when we are sure of your satisfaction with the cleaning services we’ve provided. At Ortiz Pro Wash, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. Our success is dependent on your happiness and satisfaction with our cleaning services, and it is something we take seriously.

We Exhibit Professionalism

At Ortiz Pro Wash, we deal with every customer professionally. We value each homeowner or business owner who hires us for power washing services.

We pride ourselves in our top-tier professionalism and integrity, principles that enable us to offer you unmatched power washing services. Every cleaning service is a business deal that we handle with honor.

We Are Reliable

Business owners and homeowners in Delaware trust us to deliver reliable cleaning services each time they hire us. You can rely on us to offer you top-notch power wash services for your residential or commercial property. Our reliability has earned us a good reputation and trust among Delaware customers. In fact, please be sure to read our customer reviews.

We Use Environmentally Friendly Products and Practices

We use organic cleaning products and sustainable techniques to clean Delaware’s homes and commercial buildings. Whether you need interior or exterior cleaning services, we use safe methods and solutions to keep your family members, employees, or customers safe.

Our environmentally sustainable products also keep our world a little safer safe from toxins, pollution, and degradation, making our company and cleaning services green.

Look At Our Results

We Make Scheduling Easy With Just Three Steps

1. Get Your Quote

Ortiz Pro Wash provides fast, same-day quotes on all our power washing services in Delaware. Contact us to get a free quote for the specific cleaning service you want. We have no hidden charges, so the costs we quote are what you will pay.

2. Get Scheduled

Upon receiving a quote from us, you can go ahead and schedule your cleaning service at your convenience. Our prompt customer service professionals at Ortiz Pro Wash will schedule your service once you accept our quote and will then assign you a team of expert power wash technicians.

3. Get Amazing Results

Once you’ve accept a quote from us and scheduled a power washing service at your home or business premises, we will show up on time. When our team arrives, we invite you to sit back, relax (or continue with your business day), and enjoy the convenience and outstanding results of hiring Ortiz Pro Wash for your Delaware power washing.

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