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There are some things that property managers and business owners must deal with daily, and chewing gum is one of them. Chewing gum leaves a sticky and dark stain, and it is more difficult to remove than you think. These stains are unsightly and can make the property look dirty and outdated.

Removing chewing gum is something that business owners must do regularly to ensure their entrance, driveway, or parking lot are clean. For quick gum removal in Delaware, locals depend on Ortiz Pro Wash. We are the go-to pressure washing company and are here to meet all of your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

Removing Gum Safely and Efficiently

Trying to remove chewing gum out of your parking lot or walkway can be almost impossible. Using water and soap is not enough, and stronger cleaning products can damage the surface. At Ortiz Pro Wash, we remove pieces of gum safely and efficiently using the right equipment and cleaning solutions.

Our technicians use a combination of soft wash techniques and hot water to gently remove gum residue from various surfaces, including wood and concrete. The cleaning solutions we use to scrape the gum are eco-friendly and biodegradable. We also use sophisticated tools that melt away blotches and don’t lower the quality of your driveway or sidewalk surface.

Locations We Serve

We remove gum from various spaces, surfaces, and areas in Delaware. Some of the common places we remove chewing gum from are:

Why Choose Ortiz Pro Wash for Gum Removal

Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, regardless of the property size and gum amount. So, when you hire Ortiz Pro Wash for gum removal in Delaware, you can expect us to:

The key to keeping your gum build-up to a minimum is by considering regular cleaning services. At Ortiz Pro Wash, we offer maintenance packages for local business owners who want us to take care of gum removal so they can focus on their daily tasks. We can create a custom maintenance package for your property based on your cleaning needs and budget.

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