Graffiti Removal Delaware

Graffiti is becoming more common in Delaware, and it is difficult to remove. Although some graffiti is considered street art, it is an eyesore for many businesses and local authorities and creates the wrong impression.

Cleaning graffiti with water and soap is not enough. If you need fast graffiti removal in Delaware, pressure washing is your best option. At Ortiz Pro Wash, we excel in removing graffiti from industrial buildings and commercial properties safely and efficiently.

Our Graffiti Removal Process

Some business owners or building supervisors try removing graffiti themselves using rented equipment and standard cleaning solutions, but some of these end up damaging the surface. Instead of spending time and energy on something that requires professional tools and premium products to clean, why not trust us to do what we do best—removing stains and marks using high-quality power washing techniques.

Our graffiti removal process consists of three straightforward steps:


Step 1

We first inspect the surface for each exterior cleaning project to determine the water temperature and avoid any structural damage. Extreme cold or hot water can remove graffiti, but it can also deteriorate walls. Our specialists have years of experience and know the best methods to effectively remove graffiti from any surface, including glass, concrete, or wood.


Step 2

Next, we determine the graffiti type, and based on the ink used, we use appropriate cleaning solutions to ensure successful removal.


Step 3

If the graffiti has been on the property for years, it takes longer to remove, but that’s not a problem because we use the latest tools to clean even the most stubborn marks and stains.

We can remove graffiti from various surfaces and objects in Delaware with the right combination of professional-grade solvents, equipment, and water temperature. The longer graffiti is left on the building, the more the ink will penetrate and the harder it will be to clean it, leading to wood, glass, or brick damage. So, if you notice graffiti on your corporate building, don’t wait for it to soak in, and call us to handle the problem.

Reclaim Your Business’s Reputation

As a locally owned company, Ortiz Pro Wash understands the importance of business reputation and knows that graffiti can be a violation of your property, something that took you years to build.

Once you call us for graffiti removal in Delaware, we come quickly to restore the damage. Our technicians are professional and can adapt to your busy schedule. We will clean the graffiti carefully and rapidly without disrupting you or your employees.

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