Paver Sealing Delaware

Paver Sealing Delaware

Why should you consider paver sealing? Delaware homes and businesses face a triple onslaught from the weather. 

In summer, the heavy rains soak into porous pavers, degrading them and wearing away the grout between them. The excess moisture and humidity encourage the growth of algae, mold, mildew, and weeds on or in-between the stone. Finally, the sun beats down, fading the surface. 

It doesn’t take long for the weather, regular wear and tear, and spills to take their toll on the untreated paving. Stains are bound to set in, and the neglected look starts to eat away at your property’s curb appeal and value. 

Fortunately, Ortiz Pro Wash has the solution. We apply a seal coating that acts as a defensive barrier against the elements, damage, and potential accidents. 

By protecting the surface, our effective one-day treatment keeps your paving looking beautiful for longer. Our experienced team employs their expertise to ensure a flawless finish and lasting results.

The Benefits of Paver Sealing, Delaware and Surrounding Areas


Protects Porous Surfaces

Porous surfaces such as concrete are like sponges when it comes to spills. Oil, rust, and dirt sink deep below the surface, making them very difficult to remove. By applying paver sealing, we make the stone less porous and more resistant to staining.

Commercial premises are high-traffic areas, especially in need of protection. Now, instead of scrubbing furiously to remove spills from your parking lot or line striping, you can easily hose it off.


Improves Your Property Value

Over time, most untreated exterior surfaces begin to fade and take on a dull, dingy appearance. Sealants contain compounds that not only preserve the character but also protect the color and look of the pavers.

The area remains pristine and looks as good as the day you installed it. Potential property buyers see a well-kept property and are willing to offer more.


Stops Organic Growth

Preventing organic growth is another of the top reasons for paver sealing. Delaware summers create the perfect conditions for weeds, mold, fungi, and algae to thrive. These plants degrade the surface, damage the grout, and create a slippery surface.


Protects Your Home

Our paving services will waterproof your concrete and asphalt. Water will run off quickly instead of seeping into the ground around your building, protecting the foundation and reducing the chances of flooding.

What We Do

Paver Sealing Delaware

Why Choose Ortiz Pro Wash?

Why are we the best at paver sealing? Delaware clients will attest to our outstanding service and work ethic. Here are the top reasons that your neighbors appreciate us:

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