Gutter Cleaning Delaware

Gutter Cleaning Delaware

Most property owners understand the importance of gutter cleaning. Delaware summers being as warm and humid as they are, it’s easy for vegetation to clog your gutters – however, it’s not a task that most of us relish.

You risk damaging the gutter system if you use a pressure washer, while a garden hose will do little more than pack the debris in tighter. The safest way to flush the gutters is by removing the debris first, but that’s not the way most people choose to spend their weekends off.

Now, thanks to Ortiz Pro Wash, you no longer have to. Our affordable gutter cleaning Delaware service helps you protect your home’s foundations, walls, and roof.

Schedule our one-time service if you notice your gutters aren’t draining efficiently. Our technician will complete the work and then give you advice on the best maintenance schedule.

With our inexpensive maintenance plan, the only gutters you’ll need to deal with are at the bowling alley.

For the best gutter cleaning Delaware has to offer, call Ortiz Pro Wash today.

Why You Need Professional Gutter Cleaning in Delaware

In Delaware, we’re lucky to have a wide range of majestic trees. Sycamores, Chestnut Oaks, and graceful Beech trees provide a cool respite from the summer sun. Their shady canopies are a boon in the heat, but they’re not good for your gutters.

Gutter guards may keep some of the debris out of the channel, but they are not an ideal solution. The dirt and leaves often rest on the top of the mesh instead of washing away.

The answer to this issue is to clean the system regularly. The top prize goes to those who flush the channels once every month or two. At the very least, homeowners should clean the gutters thoroughly before the summer rains and in fall when the trees shed their leaves.

Make this process as simple as possible by calling the Ortiz Pro Wash team in. We have the expertise, safety equipment, and professional cleaning solutions to handle the job efficiently.

Gutter Cleaning Delaware

Why Gutter Cleaning is Essential Home Maintenance


Protects the Roof

A clogged downpipe causes water to back up in the channels. Instead of the water draining into the stormwater system, it pools on the eaves of your roof. Leaving the water there can damage the shingles, and the additional weight places extra strain on the structure.


Reduces the Chances of Your Basement Flooding

Insufficient drainage is one of the reasons that basements flood. When water spills out of the sides of gutters, it doesn’t make it into your property’s drainage system. Instead, it seeps into the ground, where it can flood your basement.


Protects Your Family

We love living in Delaware – pests love it more. Heaps of leaves make a handy shelter for pests like rats. Stagnant water is the perfect environment for mosquitoes to flourish, while mold and mildew spores can also make their home in the decomposing debris.

The debris also weighs the piping down, increasing the chances of it breaking, resulting in a hazard for anyone walking below.


Improving Your Home’s Appearance

Cleaning out the debris is essential to keep your home looking good. If you ignore it long enough, the dirt starts to stick out above the piping. In some cases, grass and weeds may even take root.

People that see this will assume that you neglect your home. If you’re in an area with an HOA, you may also receive a citation.

Why Select Ortiz Pro Wash for Cleaning in Delaware?

Hiring our professional gutter cleaning Delaware team is the most cost-effective way to keep the system in good shape. We’ll flush the entire system and check it for signs of damage. Our inspection and services will help you reduce the need for expensive repairs or replacements later.

Our team has it all:

Our team performs the work correctly the first time without damaging your property. We take our commitment to customer service seriously, so we work until you’re satisfied. We also value your time, so we make sure to arrive on time and always work quickly and efficiently.

Gutter Cleaning Delaware

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