Solar Panel Cleaning Delaware

Solar Panel Cleaning In Delaware

Keeping your solar panels nice and clean allows them to work at their optimal efficiency levels. However, dirt buildup can drastically reduce the performance of solar panels, diminishing their productivity by nearly 25%. If you want to maximize the amount of power flowing through your home, you must maintain your solar panels year-round. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Ortiz Pro Wash provides expert cleaning services to Delaware residents looking to get the most out of their solar panels.

Ortiz Pro Wash is Delaware’s go-to choice for solar panel cleaning and maintenance services. We offer professional cleaning that will increase your solar panels’ performance levels while boosting your home’s curbside appeal. Our team has vast experience with a wide range of solar panels, giving them the know-how they need to handle all your solar panel cleaning requirements.

Why Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned by a Professional?

Maintaining solar panels isn’t as clear-cut as you might think. Below are a few reasons you should trust Ortiz Pro Wash the next time your solar panels need cleaning.



Cleaning your solar panels without the correct tools or training often leads to extensive damages, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars to repair. Excess dirt and debris also form hot spots on your solar panels that render your warranty obsolete. At Ortiz Pro Wash, we have all the proper tools and training to give your solar panels a deep cleaning without running the risk of damages.



Climbing on your roof to clean your solar panels poses several safety hazards. You could slip and fall off your roof, electrocute yourself on the solar panels, and more. Hiring Ortiz Pro Wash takes the risk out of solar panel cleaning, allowing you to remain safe inside your home while we handle the dangerous part. We also have extensive safety equipment that protects us from all the hazards solar panel cleaning brings.



Effective panel cleaning requires more than simple household cleaning supplies. Ortiz Pro Wash only uses professional-grade cleaning supplies that are guaranteed to keep your solar panels working at their highest efficiency levels. We also use expert techniques to give your panels a deep clean that untrained cleaners can’t accomplish.

Is It Time to Clean Your Solar Panels? Call Ortiz Pro Wash Today!

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