Roof Cleaning, Delaware

Roof Cleaning, Delaware

Every month, Google logs hundreds of searches for terms like “roof cleaning Delaware” or “roof restoration in Delaware” from people looking for a cost-effective way to bring their home exteriors back to brand-new condition.

If you would like to clean the roofs of your apartment complex, office park, or single-family home, call Ortiz Pro Wash. We are the number one pressure washing and roof cleaning company in Delaware, and we would love to make your first roof-cleaning experience a positive one.

Delaware is famous for its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware Bay, and the Delaware River. These two bodies of water give the state a scenic charm that you can’t find anywhere else in America.

At Ortiz Pro Wash, our roof-cleaning professionals have years of experience removing moss and algae from the roofs of grocery stores, condominiums, and outlet centers. We keep the neighborhoods and business centers of Delaware clean and pleasing to the eye.

Cleaning the exteriors of your home can be challenging and dangerous if you don’t have the experience and equipment. We’ve seen many cases of slips-and-falls that led to property damage, physical injury, and weeks of lost wages.

Our roof-cleaning professionals are fully insured and armed with decades of professional experience, so dealing with ladders, pressure washers, and fragile roof tiles is effortless for us.

Roof Cleaning, Delaware

Signs that Imply You Need a Roof Cleaning



Most people who call us for a roof cleaning in Delaware already have a widespread algae infestation. Algae are aquatic organisms that thrive in moist environments with exposure to sunlight. Most structures along the Delaware Bay, Middlesex Beach, and South Bethany have to schedule annual roof cleanings or face the consequences of algae-covered roofs

We find that in most residential houses, the formation of algae starts at the northern part of the roof, finding hotspots until it reaches the gutter and downspouts. A roof protects people and objects below it by deflecting heat from the sun.

Algae absorb the heat and keep it on the roof, leading to higher power bills and maintenance expenses. You can typically spot algae growth by noticing black streaks along your gutters and roof tiles.



Mold infestation is a more dangerous problem than algae. The World Health Organization implements standards that cities use in their building codes to shield people from it.

Mold exposure can cause asthma, pulmonary hemorrhages, and many respiratory tract infections in children. You can find mold in nearly every structure in America, but it’s especially fond of growing on ceilings, gutters, and roofs during humid summers and damp winters.

At Ortiz Pro Wash, our technicians can detect mold by its distinct green, brown, and black colors.

If you suspect a mold infestation in your home, call our hotline for a total roof and gutter cleaning.



Preventing organic growth is another of the top reasons for paver sealing. Delaware summers create the perfect conditions for weeds, mold, fungi, and algae to thrive. These plants degrade the surface, damage the grout, and create a slippery Mildew is one of the fastest-growing types of fungi in America. You can tell it apart from moss and algae because of its powdery grey, black, and pink appearance.

At Ortiz Pro Wash, our industrial cleaning products can take care of your mildew problem without harming your home’s aesthetic.


Lichens and Moss

If you live near a body of water, you will find lichens, moss, and algae in many damp and shaded areas of your roof. They’ll dig into your roof tiles to protect themselves from strong winds.

While not initially harmful, their roots may penetrate your shingles after some time, causing you to spend thousands of dollars in remodeling costs when they begin removing roof tiles from the base.

The Benefits of Hiring Ortiz Pro Wash to Clean Your Roof

Roof Cleaning, Delaware

We Offer a Broad Range of Pressure Washing Expertise

We use the low-pressure setting on our industrial washers to soft wash even the most delicate of roofs. Roof tiles and shingles can be fragile. DIY cleaners often crack or detach them from the base by using harsh cleaning products and high water pressure.

We Eliminate Health Hazards

A fungus infestation on your roof poses a health risk for your family. If you’re a business owner, even a metal roof can’t save you from slipping on organic growth like algae, mildew, or moss.

Roof cleaning is inherently hazardous. It involves carrying a heavy-duty pressure washer up a ladder. Every year, we receive calls from many residents and property custodians who learn their lessons too late.

We Extend Your Roof’s Life

Roof cleaning in Delaware is a form of preventative maintenance. Fungi, moss, and algae can cause damage to your roof that most home insurance companies won’t cover.

We Enhance Your Curb Appeal

A new paint job and a manicured lawn won’t mean anything if your roof and gutters look run-down. A newly cleaned roof will instantly increase your property’s curb appeal. It will invite more guests and increase your property values by as much as 12%.

We Charge No Replacement and Repair Fees

When you see your dirty roof and think that you need to hire a remodeler, give us a try first, and we’ll work to restore it to its former glory. Roof replacement can cost up to $11,000. A roof cleaning is less expensive, by far.

Roof Cleaning, Delaware

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