Can You Pressure Wash A Roof?

Professional roof cleaning is highly effective in keeping debris, moss, algae, and black streaks off the exterior surface. These contaminants damage the roofing materials over time, which will decrease its lifespan to well under the hoped-for 25-30 years on shingle roofs. 

This post explores important things to know about roof cleaning so that you can make an informed decision about choosing local service providers like Ortiz Pro Wash.

The Dangers of Pressure Washing Your Roof

A great solution for a dirty roof is annual professional roof cleaning services from experts like Ortiz Pro Wash. Pressure washing equipment delivers highly-pressurized jets of water that effectively blast sediments from hard surfaces. While this cleaning technique is perfect for surfaces that can withstand high water pressure, the roof isn’t one of them.

High Pressure Causes Structural Damage

Any pressure above 1,200 psi can cause permanent damage to most tile roofs. This damage will also void most manufacturers’ warranties for an even more expensive replacement job. 

While asphalt shingles can withstand heavy rainfall, a concentrated stream of water from a pressure washer will quickly damage them. A pressure washer’s jet can penetrate the adhesive bonding that holds the shingles together, getting into the roof’s fabric underlayment for costly damage and potential leaks. If you want to avoid thousands in repairs or replacements, don’t pressure wash the roof.

Physical Injury Is Not Worth the Risk

Manufacturers don’t design residential pressure washers for roof cleaning. Homeowners could also sustain severe injuries trying to lug pressure-washing equipment up a ladder. Even if you get it onto the roof successfully, the weight of the equipment can easily damage your shingles. 

Walking around on the roof with high-powered machinery can also be extremely dangerous. Rather, leave it to the professionals.

Why Soft Washing Is the Best Roof Cleaning Method

So, if pressure washing isn’t an option for the roof, what is the alternative? Soft washing is the best method for roof cleaning. It applies safe cleansers to eliminate dirt, moss, algae, black streaks, and more, completing the cleaning with a light rinse for a roof that looks brand-new!

Besides eliminating all the contaminants, soft washing preserves your roof’s structural integrity, leaves the shingles intact, and extends your roof’s lifespan.

Call Ortiz Pro Wash For Safe and Affordable Roof Cleaning

We do not recommend roof pressure washing. It can adversely impact your roof’s structural integrity and damage your roofing material. It can also lead to injuries.

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, curb appeal, and value, schedule our pressure washing professionals. Don’t worry; an experienced team like Ortiz Pro Wash won’t be using high pressure to clean your roof or risk damaging your roofing material. We use the safest and most effective cleaning solutions for soft washing for a protected, attractive roof year-round. 

We understand that properties have varied cleaning needs. That’s why we personalize our exterior cleaning services to your specific needs and ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

Call Ortiz Pro Wash at (302) 238-1213 today for professional roof cleaning.

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