What Is Power Washing for Homeowners?

If you’ve been looking at ways to improve the look of your home, you have likely come across the term “power washing.” Chances are you are familiar with the concept, but you may not know the specifics of power washing or how it can restore the clean appearance and look of your home.

Ortiz Pro Wash is the premier provider of power washing and our team of experts is here to explain what power washing entails, how it works, and what benefits it can provide for your home.

What Does “Power Washing” Mean?

Power washing is the use of highly pressurized water to clean a structure of dirt, grime, algae, and other hangers-on. Home siding and driveways are some of the most common targets of residential power washing.

A power washer utilizes a gas or electric motor to create this high-pressure water stream. With a standard power washing service, the water comes directly from a home’s water supply or a separate reservoir. Power washers also have a variety of nozzles to allow better control over the water’s pressure.

Types of Power Washing

Power washing is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of washing methods. While some don’t utilize high pressure water, they still often fill a similar cleaning role, using water and cleaning agents to remove dirt buildup.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method that works best on more fragile surfaces. Instead of high pressure, soft washing uses a gentle, low-pressure stream of water and chemicals to clean these surfaces. You’ll often see soft washing used on roofs and more delicate siding.

Jet Washing

Jet washing is very similar to standard power washing except that it utilizes hot water to clean even more efficiently. This method is highly effective for areas with an overabundance of dirt and grime.

Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing: What’s the Difference?

When researching power washing, you may have noticed the similar-sounding term “pressure washing.” If so, you may be unsure of what the difference is between the two, if any.

While some believe pressure washing is different from power washing, that’s not the case. Both terms are interchangeable, so they mean the same thing.

There are different forms of power washing like soft washing and jet washing, but pressure washing is the same as power washing.

Why Work with a Professional Power Washing Team

Power washing is a highly effective way to clean a home or other buildings’ exteriors, but there are risks involved.

Power washers release a powerful spray of water, which can cause injuries or damage if you’re not careful. Experienced technicians know how to handle a power washer and can safely clean your home’s exterior without causing injuries.

Our highly trained, professional technicians at Ortiz Pro Wash will provide your home with the best possible results. If you still aren’t sure what power washing can do for your home, we can show you.

Call our team at Ortiz Pro Wash at (302) 228-6599 for fast, reliable, and friendly service.

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