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Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Camden, DE

Did you know that most roofing materials can’t handle the pressure of a traditional pressure washer? Enter professional roof washing experts, Ortiz Pro Wash. We have what it takes to offer professional roof cleaning in Camden, DE. 

Our experience in the exterior cleaning industry has shown us that soft washing works wonders for cleaning your roof without damaging the material. Let us help you maintain a pristine roof that will protect your property for years to come. 

Is It Worth It To Have Your Roof Cleaned?

Left to accumulate over time, dirt and other grime will build up on your roof and damage the material. You may have to replace your roof prematurely. Cleaning your roof prevents this, thus improving roof longevity. 

Why Choose Ortiz Pro Wash?

Our attention to detail gives us an edge over the competition. Count on us for: 

100% satisfaction

If you don’t like the work we do, we won’t stop cleaning. 

Expertise and professionalism

We’re licensed and insured and always treat you professionally. 


We do the job you hire us for on time and within budget. You can bank on us being there and don’t have to worry about unexpected costs cropping up. 

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Does roof cleaning matter? The short answer is yes. Here’s why: 

Increases Home Value:

A clean, well-maintained roof paints your property in a positive light, potentially raising its value.

Saves Time and Money:

Unlike DIY cleaning, hiring an expert speeds up the cleaning process and shields you from costly repairs.

Protects It From Damage:

Roof cleaning washes away dirt and substances that may eat away at or corrode your roofing material.

Creates a Healthier Environment:

Roof cleaning removes harmful substances that may make your property a health hazard.

We offer best-in-class roof cleaning in Camden, DE. 

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

At Ortiz Pro Wash, we use a gentle and nonabrasive yet highly effective soft wash process. The process uses organic cleaning solutions and a low-pressure system to clean and rinse your roof at minimal pressure. Ultimately, you’ll have a spotless roof with no streaks and stains. 

Pressure washing will effectively clean tough exterior surfaces, but it will damage soft surfaces like shingles, paint, and wood, so soft washing is preferable.

About Camden, DE

Camden is a small town in Delaware’s Kent County with a population of about 3,700 as of 2020. The small community of Camden was established in 1783, originally as Mifflin’s Crossroads, which gained traction as a commercial center in the 1790s.   

Today, Camden boasts various historic properties, some of which the country designates as historic places. If you like to visit or live in a place with a small-town vibe and countless opportunities to relax and unwind, Camden fits the bill perfectly.   

Tour the town’s underground railroad or bike through the town for picturesque views of green spaces and historic buildings.   

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Camden, DE?

Expect to pay anywhere from $462 to $650 to clean your roof in Camden, DE. Factors that determine the cost typically include the location, type of roof, and extra services like moss treatment and algae removal.  

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