What Is the Green Stuff on Siding?

If you own a home in Delaware for long enough, you will probably notice a mysterious green substance collecting on your house’s siding. While professional pressure washing in Delaware will effectively remove the unsightly stains with ease, you still might be curious what the substance is and why it’s attached to your home.

The green stains that form on your home or business stem from a type of airborne algae that develops from mold and mildew. And not only is this alga tough to look at, but its appearance on your home can be detrimental to your health and the aesthetic of your building.

Luckily, you can find home remedies for cleaning siding yourself and discover countless reasons why regular pressure washing is essential, which we will explore below.

Is Algae Dangerous?

While airborne algae won’t damage your building’s structure, it can permanently harm the external appearance.

Left untouched long enough, alga embeds into a home’s vinyl siding and leaves a green stain you may find impossible to remove without strong enough tools and cleaning solutions. Additionally, algae will spread to other parts of your house if you continue leaving it unbothered, meaning that unsightly staining can take over your entire exterior with enough time.

But the most significant danger of algae appearing lies in what it can do to your health. While the algae itself won’t harm you, its appearance typically means mold and mildew lurk nearby, and those two substances lead to severe sickness with enough exposure.

How Can I Remove Algae From My Siding?

Eliminating new algae and mold stains without professional power washing services is a tall task, but one that any homeowner can handle with enough patience and the right tools.

Before you begin washing your Delaware home, cover all exposed electrical outlets on your house’s exterior with duct tape to keep water from getting in. Then, after your home is secure from potential dangers, you can begin rinsing the affected siding with clean water. The initial rinse should wash away any new algae formations that haven’t yet settled into the siding.

Start applying your cleaning solutions to the tougher stains you could not remove with the first wash. Some of the most accessible cleaning options include:

  •       Vinegar and water mixtures
  •       Dish soap and water mixtures
  •       Trisodium phosphate and water mixtures
  •       Oxy-Clean
  •       Bleach and water mixtures

The home remedies listed above are potent enough to eliminate most surface-level algae stains. However, they will likely be ineffective against embedded stains found deep into your siding. To get rid of those tough algae spots for good, you will need help from professional cleaning services.

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