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Cleaning your deck is essential to the well being of your family and the deck. It is a known fact that cleaning the deck regularly and making sure no dust, mold or grime accumulates will protect the structural integrity of the deck so it can last longer and save you time and money from expensive repairs or even from replacing the structure.

At Ortiz Pro Wash we use our state of the art techniques treat your surfaces and bring them back to life our process consist of application of eco-friendly solutions we then apply our pressure washing technique to remove what is left to remove mold, mildew or greyed dull surfaces and then add a finish touch to brighten the deck to its normal color again thus leaving it very clean so when you want your wooded surface treated give us a call we are professional and the best of the area.

We also offer a process called screen and coating for your hardwood floors. This process is geared for the lightly damaged and worn down wood floor. We clean all the wood surfaces with our water based wood cleaner and degreaser to lift dirt, oil and other contaminates out of the grain. The screen is an abrasion sanding that will smooth out smudges and surface scratches. Then, we clean up and apply 2 coats of heavy duty finish. This will restore the shine and protect your floor for years to come. Most floors are a one day process. You can walk on the floor that night with stocking feet. However, it will take two days before you can move furniture on it. One week is required for pets and area rugs. The floor is dry to the touch in hours but it is this first week when it is still delicate while it cures and hardens.

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Other Services We Offer

Roof Cleaning

We specialize in all residential roofing types. We utilize soft wash cleaning techniques to avoid damaging and reducing the lifespan of your shingles.

Construction Equipment Cleaning

Offers professional heavy equipment cleaning services with a mobile water supply onsite.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Remove leaves inside your gutters along with reducing stains and brightening the exterior.

Wood Restoration

We offer many applications to treat your wood surfaces and make it look good again weather it is your deck of steps we can clean it all here are some of the structures that we clean for commercial or residential.

Concrete Washing

We offer one time & regular maintenance contract cleaning for both commercial and residential customers.

Truck/Fleet Washing

On site truck and fleet washing farm equipment trash trucks etc.


Car Detailing

We feature top quality detailing products to restore the shine to your vehicle’s exterior and leave the interior clean and fresh.


We use only the best environmentally friendly products.
Dragon Juice , Front 9, Enviro Bio Cleaner.

Recent Residential Work

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Commercial Pressure Washing - Concrete
Wood Restoration

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