Questions to Ask Power Washing Companies

If you are looking for reliable power washing, it is essential to ask any potential power washing company the right questions. Asking the right questions helps ensure you choose the best company for the job and achieve your desired results. Here are five questions to get you started.

1. Are You Insured?

While we often try our best to do an excellent job, accidents are inevitable. Pressure washing professionals are especially prone to injuries due to the nature of the job. Therefore, it is critical to choose a fully-insured company to protect you against any liabilities.

2. Are Your Technicians Certified?

Pressure washers are powerful machines that can cause injuries or adversely damage property if not used correctly. Ensuring these machines are in the experienced hands of certified technicians is critical.

Before you hire a power washing company, ask which body certifies its technicians. Power Washers of North America (PWNA) is one of the most reputable body’s that train and certify professional power washing technicians.

3. What Are Your Cleaning Methods?

Power washing involves more than just blasting dirt away with a high-pressure stream of water. Pressure and cleaning techniques also vary depending on the surface you are cleaning. While high pressure does an excellent job on concrete, it can cause untold damage when used in roof cleaning.

Asking your prospective power washing company about their cleaning process is an excellent way to ensure they understand their job. Ask them about the kind of cleaning solutions they would use on various areas of your property.

You should avoid a company that employs a single technique on all types of surfaces and materials. Otherwise, you should be ready to deal with lots of repairs and replacements in the future.

4. Do You Have Proof of Your Work?

With many unscrupulous service providers out there, you cannot simply entrust any company with a job you are unsure they can do. Ask your prospective pressure washing company if they can provide before and after photos of their work.

Avoid any company that is unwilling to share photos of their previous work. You may also ask for a list of previous customers and contact them to hear what they say about the company’s power washing services.

5. Do You Have a Guarantee for Your Service?

You want to choose a power washing company that stands by its services and is ready to fix any issues to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Ask your prospective company if they offer any guarantee for their services. You should be wary of power washing companies that don’t guarantee their work.

Contact a Reliable Power Washing Company

Now that you know what questions to ask when you need reliable power washing, contact Ortiz Pro Wash. We provide a wide range of high-quality power washing services in Castle County. Whether you want your gutters cleaned or need quality window cleaning services, you can trust us to do an outstanding job at a competitive price.

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