How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Whether you are simply looking to spruce up the exterior of your home, increase your property value, or give your business better curb appeal, Ortiz Pro Wash offers power washing for both commercial and residential properties.

Keep reading to learn how often you need to power wash your home from the cleaning experts at Ortiz.

The Difference Between Power and Pressure Washing

While power and pressure washing seem interchangeable, they are different cleaning processes.

Power washing not only involves high pressure but also heat to destroy contaminants that live on the outside of your home or business.

Depending on your property’s needs, one may be more beneficial than the other. It is important to talk to an expert to find the solution that’s right for you.

When is a Good Time to Power Wash My Property?

A general pressure washing manual will recommend that you pressure wash your property about once a year. The best time is usually spring, after the rainy winter season.

To ensure that contaminants like dirt, mold, pollen, and smoke do not build up on the exterior of your property, it is best to power wash when your property needs it based on your environment.

However, other than general maintenance to the outside of your property for the exterior, power washing services are perfect for cleaning garage doors, roof cleaning, and window cleaning. You should also be sure to power wash your property:

  • Before you sell – Hiring a power washing service to deep clean your property before putting your house on the market and holding an open house will not only draw in more potential clients but could increase the value of your home.
  • Before you paint – Power washing your home before you paint will allow the paint to stick better, allowing for fewer coats of paint and less maintenance.
  • If you are in an area with extensive construction – All of the dust and general debris kicked up during periods of construction can not only make your property dirty but can also be hazardous to the health of you and your family. Power washing once construction finishes will help rejuvenate the property.
  • If you are experiencing extreme weather – Periods of extreme heat or dampness can significantly affect the exterior of your property. To ensure a clean and safe living environment, it is important to power wash regularly.

What Are the Benefits of Power Washing?

There are many benefits to scheduling power washing including:

  • Increasing overall curb appeal
  • Protecting your loved ones safe from harmful debris, dust, and mold
  • Saving money, time, and energy
  • Keeping your property in top condition

It is also important to remember that hiring a professional will significantly reduce the risk of structural damage to your property due to mold.

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