Does Pressure Washing Save Homeowners Money?

Home ownership comes with a lot of unforeseen expenses. From property taxes to pest control, bills add up quickly. It’s easy to forget about maintaining the exterior of the home.

Pressure washing homes is a way to see instant improvement. Everyone loves “before and after” pressure washing photos. Ortiz Pro Wash is a family-owned pressure washing team who can restore the look of your family home.

Don’t think of pressure washing as just another bill. Think of it as routine maintenance to extend the life of the home. Here’s how:

Start From the Top

You probably don’t think about your roof very often, and that’s a good thing. A roof in good condition prevents water leaks and pest infestation. A damaged roof often requires emergency service.

Investing in routine pressure cleaning keeps the roof in good condition. Throughout the seasons, especially during rainy days, mold and algae thrive on rooftops. Sap and debris from surrounding trees build up on the roof over time.

Without professional cleaning services, these organic materials cause the shingles and home structure to decay, eventually requiring expensive roof replacement.

A professional team will use a process called soft washing to carefully clean the roof without causing extra damage. Power washing can knock shingles loose, but soft washing uses chemical cleaners and a gentler water spray to thoroughly clean.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

A working gutter system is just as important as a clean roof. Professional exterior cleaning includes removing leaves, pine needles, and other trash from clogged gutters.

When the gutters remain free from debris, rainwater can flow freely into them and away from the structure of the home. Without cleaning the gutters, water will end up settling near the foundation and secretly causing structural damage.

In addition to debris buildup, rust can form around neglected gutters, eating away at the metal until it is completely useless. Replacing a damaged gutter system is more expensive than professional pressure cleaning. Pressure washing roofs and gutters annually save money in the long run.

Boost Curb Appeal

When it comes to homes, beauty is on the outside. When natural contaminants like mold and algae form on exterior walls, the home looks neglected. As contaminants build up, they cause more and more damage, eventually changing the color of the house completely.

Amateur house washing services could end up damaging the exterior walls. Our team will carefully remove organic buildup including algae and rust without damaging exterior paint.

A clean home from the roof to the foundation boosts curb appeal and raises resale value when the time is right.

Pressure Washing Delaware Properties

Investing in professional house washing services each year prevents major home renovation bills. Roofs cost thousands of dollars to replace. Exterior paint jobs last for many years without damage from mold and algae.

Your home is an investment, and pressure washing protects that investment. Ortiz Pro Wash offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us at 302-228-6599 for a free estimate.

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