Can You Power Wash in the Rain?

Power washing is a cost-effective way to keep your residential or commercial property clean and attractive throughout the year. This cleaning process eliminates dirt, grime, stubborn grease and stains, and other contaminants. But how does it work when it is raining?

Keep reading to learn more about why you might want a local service like Ortiz Pro Wash to power wash your exterior surfaces on a cloudy or rainy day.

Overcast Days Are a Great Reason To Pressure Wash a Property

Using hot water jets at high pressure, this type of cleaning significantly improves a property’s curb appeal. Can you power wash your property on a rainy day? Absolutely.

In fact, many pressure-washing professionals prefer power washing on rainy or overcast days. Here’s why:

Prevents The Cleaning Solution From Drying

When you pour water on your driveway on a hot, sunny day, it will evaporate in a few minutes. The water would evaporate at a much slower rate on a cloudy day, and you’ll have a similar experience with power washing. The sun accelerates the drying process of your cleaning solution, so it’s best to wash your exterior surfaces on a cloudy day.

An overcast sky also delays the drying time, preventing soap cycles that need extra rinsing.

Promotes Better Visibility

Although it’s also best to pressure wash in the summer, bright sunshine can make it challenging to see properly, so many residential and commercial power washing professionals prefer working on rainy or overcast days. They have fewer shadows to cover up grime or algae growth while they clean. They also won’t need to worry about having the sun in their eyes as they work through your property’s surfaces.

Tips for Power Washing in The Rain

As with other pressure washing, there are safety precautions needed when cleaning on an overcast or rainy day to ensure the best results and minimize accidents:

Keep The Equipment Dry

No part of the pressure washer must stand in water. Keep the equipment dry to ensure safety during the cleaning process.

Check for UL Sticker

Does your power washing equipment have a UL sticker? If so, it’s safe for use in the rain.

Use Equipment Cautiously

If it doesn’t have a UL sticker, we need to use electric equipment with extra caution to minimize the risk of electrocution. A gas-powered model would be much safer.

Hire an Experienced Professional

Experience using pressure washing equipment in the rain is vital for safety and effective results. Otherwise, wait until the weather improves before power washing your vinyl siding or other exterior surfaces.

Call Ortiz Pro Wash For Safe and Affordable Power Washing in Delaware

Do you need reliable commercial or residential power washing in and around Delaware? Call Ortiz Pro Wash, a family-owned and operated business with years of experience cleaning residential and commercial properties in the Delaware area. We use the latest equipment and safest cleaning solutions to ensure quality results without damaging your property.

Regardless of the weather, our highly trained and licensed technicians can power wash your property and deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Call Ortiz Pro Wash at (302) 228-6599 today for a power washing in Delaware.

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