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Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Smyrna, DE

Roof cleaning in Smyrna, DE, offers home and business owners a simple way to streamline roof maintenance. There’s no clambering up a wobbly ladder for algae removal when you call Ortiz Pro Wash for help in Delaware. We evaluate your roof, looking for signs of mold infestation and plant growth, and customize a treatment plan that will have your roof looking its best in no time. 

Whether you need a mildew treatment or a straightforward clean, our Smyrna professionals have the tools and expertise to accomplish the task. We use a highly effective soft wash method to gently lift dirt and kill plant matter without damaging the underlying surface, people, pets, or landscaping. 

Is It Worth It To Have Your Roof Cleaned in Smyrna, DE?

Do a small test when you get home today. Run your hand along a ledge outside your home and see how much dirt you pick up. The roof carries far more grime and other pollutants, so it’s always worth cleaning it professionally once or twice a year.

Cleaning also prevents lichens and moss from gaining a foothold and damaging the entire roof. Did you know that you can improve your property’s energy efficiency by removing plants that absorb sunshine? It also prevents hot spots in the attic. 

Why Choose Ortiz Pro Wash?

We could list several reasons to choose our team in Smyrna, but we prefer to let our reviews and gallery speak for us. In the meantime, hire us for: 

100% satisfaction guarantee

Expertise and professionalism

Reliability and great communication

Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Smyrna, DE

Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Smyrna, DE

A higher property value

Protecting the roof from environmental stressors

Saving time, effort, and money

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

Our soft wash process relies on environment-friendly cleaning solutions but never high water pressure. By adopting this approach, we ensure more effective results without damaging the roofing materials. It renders organic matter harmless with minimal disruption to the roof.

About Smyrna, DE

Smyrna puts one foot in New Castle County and another in Kent County. The first founders called the town Duck Creek Cross Roads but changed to Smyrna in 1806. Supposedly, the inspiration came from the original Smyrna seaport, now in Turkey. 

There are several areas of interest, including Duck Creek Village. This historical district has three buildings that housed the original inhabitants in the 1750s and onward. Nearby, you can see the other two buildings from the same era, Bannister Hall and Baynard House. 

Belmont Hall is about twenty years older but still an excellent example of the Georgian design style. 

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Smyrna, DE?

You’ll need around $462 – $650 per year to cover the roof cleaning costs in Smyrna, Delaware, which is very reasonable. The range accounts for how long the job takes, which is why we visit your property before providing an accurate estimate. 

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