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Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Salisbury, MD

Professional roof cleaning in Salisbury, MD, is a smart investment that refreshes your roof and protects it from damage. Regularly scheduling these services can also protect the health of the inhabitants who rely on that roof. 

For example, the cleaning addresses a mold infestation, which is not the only potential health hazard lurking on your roof. Lichens and moss also release spores that trigger allergies, and pollen can settle on the wind. Thankfully, Ortiz Pro Wash removes all these nasty contaminants with an effective soft wash method so that your roof can look like new again and last longer, too!

Is It Worth It To Have Your Roof Cleaned in Salisbury, MD?

Anyone can climb onto a roof with a garden hose and attempt algae removal or mildew treatment, but there’s a good chance they’ll either step through the roof or plunge off of it. At best, the efforts will achieve mediocre results that won’t look nearly as good as a professional job, so it’s well worth hiring experts.

Why Choose Ortiz Pro Wash?​

We’re your go-to team in Salisbury. Why?

Satisfaction guaranteed

You decide if the job’s complete or not. If you’re not happy, neither are we. 

Expertise and Professionalism

We’re licensed and insured, and every team member works to the highest quality standards. 

Courtesy and reliability

We arrive promptly, treat your property with respect, and finish on time. 

Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Salisbury, MD

What can you get from annual roof cleaning in Salisbury, MD?

Raise property value

Stop contaminants from damaging the roofing materials

Save time and money

Breathe easier without lingering pollutants

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

Our Salisbury team relies on environment-friendly cleaning solutions (never high pressure!) to clean your roof. It avoids damage and serves as an effective way to keep organic growth at bay. 

However, using only water by itself risks spreading the spores around, meaning that the algae comes back worse than before. Our technique ensures this won’t happen. 

About Salisbury, MD

Salisbury is the county seat of Wicomico County and remains the largest city in Maryland’s Eastern Shore region. The townsfolk lovingly restore its older buildings, which allows visitors a unique glimpse of the past. For example, Pemberton Hall, built in 1762, and Poplar Hill Mansion, built in 1795, are graceful examples of a bygone era. 

The town also has its own Union Station, erected in 1913-14 and made from attractive Flemish Bond brick. But if you’d rather walk through the woods, the Naylor Mill Forest Trail offers 92 acres to explore around present-day Salisbury’s natural real estate.

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Salisbury, MD?

Around $254 – $600 should cover a thorough roof cleaning in Salisbury. Ortiz Pro Wash can give you a more precise estimate once we look at your property, see the building’s surface area, and assess the job’s complexity. 

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